SolutionHost UK Ltd is a software developing company based in Sheffield with regional offices in Bury St. Edmunds and Stockport. The company has been in business since 1999 and has developed a range of exciting and innovative products that are widely used across Europe and the United States providing 1000's of companies with key cloud based solutions for managing Health & Safety and Employee Management. As part of our marketing strategy we utilise a strong reseller network to maximise our market share. Our experience in the Health & Safety and Employment Law field's has allowed us to create easy to use documents and software to cater for the Health & Safety needs of any type of business.

The Product Range

Our existing software product range includes;

  1. Health & Safety - Safety First Package
  2. Employment Law - First for Employment
  3. E-Learning - First for Learning
  4. Subcontractor Management - First for Contractors
  5. Absence Management - First for Holidays
  6. Payroll solutions - First for Payroll
  7. Invoicing & Accounts - Invoicing App

Each of these products have been developed with client need the number 1 priority ensuring a 99% client satisfaction rating. Every product has been thoroughly market tested to ensure pricing is in line with client expectation.

Revenue Opportunities

Resellers have an opportunity to substantially increase revenue and profitability to their business by developing a second income stream. This can add further support to their business during these uncertain times and add vital back up revenue should the unexpected occur.

Reselling just 10 Health & Safety units per week will generate an annual income of over £125,000!


To qualify as a reseller of these fantastic products you must fulfil one or both of the following criteria;

  1. You will have an existing sales and marketing capacity in place with a proven track record in selling business to business
  2. You will have an existing client base of prospective users of all or part of the product range


Potential Earnings The sky really is the limit for resellers. In the UK there are over 4 million businesses that employ people and therefore need to control Health & Safety at work, many of these are in higher risk industries which recognize the importance of not only ensuring a safe workplace but the necessity to keep accurate record of many elements of managing Health & safety. Every one of these businesses is a potential client for one or more of our products.

Our reseller commission is much greater than the industry average allowing real opportunity to earn a substantial income that can continue to grow over time. Our Health & Safety product carries a recommended retail price of £500 + VAT per annum and over 4000 of this product has already been sold in the UK to date.