"Lightweight Health & Safety management software - designed for small and large businesses alike."

Safety First Package - the new hassle free way of complying with health and safety law. The Safety First Package is a combination of tools that offers scalability to companies. Features can be utilised when needed, or it can be used for simple document auditing depending on your requirements.

The Product

Journal Express has the Incident/Accident module and the risk assessment module, it has been specially designed for small and medium sized enterprises and is fully upgradable to Journal Enterprise Edition.

Health and Safety reporting 'Journal Express'

The business of accident and incident reporting and risk assessment has long been associated with tedious procedure and time consuming paperwork. Here at Solution Host we are committed to providing companies with cost effective computer programs designed to ease those pressures.
Journal Express is a revolutionary new application designed by specialists to provide a central Database for storing and analysing Health & Safety related documents.
Journal Express is an internet based program which allows the company to record, store and access all their health and safety data, at the click of a button. The benefits of using the program include:

¤ Save Time. Reduces the time taken to fill out, file and retrieve health and safety related documents and free up more of your managers time to concentrate on core duties.
¤ Save Money. Enable the implementation of pre-emptive procedures that visibly reduce costs to your business.
¤ Reduce paperwork. Store your essential Health & Safety documents electronically.
¤ User friendly. Our programs are designed with the user in mind
¤ Easy Access. All that is required to access the system is a browser or a login to an Intranet

Journal also enables companies to centralise their health and safety process. Any report or assessment will go into a computer database that is always and easily accessible, replacing the usual mountains of forms and filing. And, of course, all the ways in which reports etc are made will be standardised so that all employees are filling in the same forms and following a set company procedure.